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Off-duty Pennsylvania cop charged with drunk driving

Motor vehicle accidents can unfortunately occur on highways for a myriad of different reasons. Whenever alcohol use is claimed or suspected by authorities in these incidents in Pennsylvania, the potential consequences of a drunk driving charge or criminal conviction can result in many sleepless nights by those facing such accusations. Such may be the case after a recent incident involving an off-duty police officer from Luzerne County. The female

In PA, radar guns are still a no no. But is that changing?

Officers nationwide use radar guns to enforce speed limits and catch drivers who may be breaking the law. Nationwide—except in Pennsylvania, where local police officers are banned from using the technology, making it the only municipality nationwide that has such limits. The technology in Pennsylvania is strictly reserved for state troopers. But that may be changing according to a new article from The Inquirer. Now,

Drunk driving leads to homicide charge for Pennsylvania man

A 29-year-old man is facing a homicide charge relating to a fatal crash recently that claimed the lives of three people. The accused was allegedly drunk driving when the  tractor-trailer he was driving apparently hit the bumper of another vehicle that was in slowed traffic. He kept driving, hitting vehicles as he continued along the busy Pennsylvania interstate highway. Twelve vehicles were involved in the incident.

Pennsylvania seeks to stiffen repeat DUI offender penalties

While the Keystone State does have some harsh punishments for DUI convictions such as hefty fines and jail time, it is one of the more lenient states on the controversial matter. Last year, the personal finance website WalletHub found Pennsylvania to be the 43rd strictest state on DUI laws, ultimately ranking near the bottom of the list. This is due to the state having low

Man charged with drunk driving, pedestrian pinned under vehicle

A 53-year-old man has been charged in connection with an incident that pinned a 31-year-old woman underneath his vehicle. Police say the Easton resident has been charged with drunk driving and vehicular aggravated assault after he allegedly ran over the woman outside a Bethlehem hotel in July. The woman suffered major injuries and spent four months in the hospital. Police in Pennsylvania claim that the accused drove

Pennsylvania police say drunk driving led to homicide

A 24-year-old man has been charged with the death of a mother of five. Police say the Pennsylvania resident was drunk driving when he crashed into the woman’s vehicle. He has 15 charges against him, including vehicular homicide. The crash happened around this time last year in the Point Breeze area of Pittsburgh, but police have just recently arrested the accused. The victim was a

Masked robbery suspect will need strong criminal defense team

Police are on the hunt for a scarier than usual robbery suspect who allegedly prowled a trendy part of Pittsburgh. Once apprehended, the suspect will need to mount an aggressive criminal defense for these terrifying robberies in Pennsylvania in which he supposedly dons a mask identical to the one that appeared in the slasher movie, “Scream.” The person, who is said to frequent the Shadyside

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