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We Know DUI Checkpoint Laws In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, drunk driving checkpoints are legal, but there are specific laws that dictate how they can work. If you believe you experienced a violation of your personal rights during a DUI checkpoint or you believe your DUI charge is unfounded due to an improperly run checkpoint, we can help.

The Pittsburgh law firm of Louis W. Emmi Attorney at Law knows the law, and we know how to protect your interests after a DUI. We can fight back against unfair treatment at a DUI checkpoint, helping you pursue a beneficial outcome regardless of your criminal history. A DUI is a serious threat to your future and freedom, but our understanding of checkpoint laws can help you build a strong and effective defense.

What You Should Know About Checkpoints

In Pennsylvania, prosecuting a DUI from a checkpoint requires evidence that the checkpoint was legal. If law enforcement did not adhere to proper procedures when establishing a checkpoint, it is possible to challenge the legality of the traffic stop and the legitimacy of your charges. You may benefit from understanding the following about DUI checkpoints:

  • State law requires law enforcement to publicly announce the date of the checkpoint in advance.
  • Drivers do have the right to turn away from a checkpoint without pursuit or repercussions, as long as they do so safely and in a normal manner.
  • Law allows for the establishment of sobriety checkpoints only in areas where there is a documented problem with drunk drivers.
  • Any vehicle stops made during a DUI checkpoint cannot be unreasonably prolonged or include a search of the vehicle occupants.

It is possible to challenge the grounds of the DUI charges against you. Our experienced team will take quick action on your behalf, investigating your situation to determine the best defense strategy for your situation. We understand what is at stake, and we will work diligently to shield you from the negative consequences and keep a DUI off your record.

An Evaluation Of Your DUI Case

Regardless of the circumstances of your DUI, it is helpful to learn more about your options and have an explanation of the defense options available to you. We are happy to discuss the details of your case. You can make an appointment with our experienced DUI lawyer by calling our office at 412-341-8477 or filling out our online contact form.

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