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Fall college events where police are on high alert for DUI

Autumn can be an exciting season for many college students. Upperclassmen are returning to campus to reunite with their classmates while first-years are now understanding what opportunities their universities can offer to them. It’s arguably the best time of the year to catch up with old friends and make new ones at social gatherings.

Officers are aware of how hectic parties can get during the fall. They’ll keep a close eye out for any signs of intoxicated driving at certain events. It’s important for students to be aware of what events they’ll be monitoring so they can plan their nights carefully and avoid having their educational futures ruined from a DUI arrest.

Greek life rituals

Fall and spring are the two most popular seasons of the year where fraternities and sororities are accepting new members. While not all of these organizations consist of the stereotypical drunk party-goers seen in films like Animal House, there have been several incidents over the years that haven’t done any favors for their reputations.

Earlier this year, four Penn State University fraternity brothers received charges for contributing to the death of a pledge. They made a minor drink an excessive amount of alcohol and waited 12 hours to call 911 after the young man tripped down the stairs and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Fraternities and sororities should know the dangers of hazing by now and should avoid putting their new pledges in similar deadly situations. Incidents like these have led the police to closely monitor Greek life houses during this time of year.

Football games

College towns and campuses can get crowded during weekends where the team is playing on their home turf. Many students hardly spend time at the game itself and instead try to have fun at the gatherings going on outside of the stadium. They can participate in tailgating or grab some of their buddies to go to a local bar just down the main road away from the campus entrance.

Police are already on high alert during the weekends since it’s the most popular time of the week for DUI crashes. When there is a home game or the college is celebrating homecoming weekend, expect to see more cop cars driving around your campus. Penn State has consistently struggled with intoxicated students during football season, and the officers are aware they aren’t the only university that needs monitoring around this time.

Since these gatherings often involve a lot of people, an officer could end up arresting the wrong person amidst the chaos of these Autumn events. If you face DUI accusations after attending one of these social functions, contact a DUI defense attorney to avoid putting your academic future at risk.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi