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Loopholes in your privacy allow police to gather evidence

en if your settings are private, some agencies use software to surveil social networks or set up fake accounts allowing them to access the private side of your feed. Otherwise, they would need a warrant to see what you have blocked from public view. However, some of your digital presence does not require a warrant for police to gain access, including the following: Your call history is

Did police have ‘reasonable suspicion’ for a DUI traffic stop?

As you drove home after enjoying dinner or happy hour with friends or family, you felt as though you were careful to follow all traffic regulations since you had a couple of drinks. Even though you didn’t believe you were intoxicated, you figured it was best to take the extra care. Despite your efforts, you saw flashing lights in your rearview mirror and pulled to

How long you can stand on one foot could impact your freedom

Whether you’re a born-and-raised Pittsburgher, living here temporarily while going to college or just passing through on vacation, you may be familiar with the fabulous nightlife and social amenities the city has to offer. Driving in downtown Pittsburgh or surrounding regions is a whole other ballgame, however! Traffic congestion and other obstacles are par for the course. It’s easy to see how an issue might

3 levels of Pennsylvania DUI charges

Dealing with any type of criminal charge could come as a shock. Even if police charge you with a relatively common offense, such as DUI, you likely do not have an extensive legal knowledge on the topic. Additionally, laws can vary from state to state, and as a result, you may need specific information when working to understand your particular predicament. In Pennsylvania, state law