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A Strong Record In Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can disrupt your entire life. Even relatively minor criminal charges can still leave you with fines and court fees. In more serious situations, you may be facing imprisonment or steep fines ranging in the thousands. You may suffer irreparable damage to your reputation. Simply put, the consequences can be grave. A serious criminal defense lawyer, however, can help place you in a favorable position so that you’re not facing the full brunt of the law alone.

Louis W. Emmi Attorney at Law has over three decades of experience providing clients in Pittsburgh and across western Pennsylvania with tough, aggressive representation in criminal matters. We have the trial experience necessary to push through all aspects of your case. Our history of results reflects this: We have achieved reductions, dismissals and acquittals in serious cases, including murder. Whatever the situation, we are ready to defend your rights.

Serious Allegations Deserve Serious Representation

Our firm handles all charges, whether they stem from misdemeanors or felonies. In all situations, we take the same approach: We thoroughly investigate the charges against you and work to prepare a comprehensive legal strategy given our discoveries and our experience.

As a seasoned trial attorney, Louis W. Emmi has argued countless cases before a jury and is eager to prove your innocence in court. However, that may not always be the best approach, so we strive to make informed decisions given the circumstances before us.

In particular, we have assisted clients facing a variety of criminal charges, including those stemming from:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) and other alcohol-related crimes
  • Drug crimes and other charges stemming from narcotics
  • Theft, robbery and burglary
  • Assault, battery and other crimes against persons
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault
  • Murder and homicide
  • Weapons offenses, including those involving a felon in possession of a firearm
  • White collar crimes, including fraud and embezzlement

Open Communication

We pride ourselves on maintaining open and consistent communication with our clients. Whether we meet at our office or engage in a Skype or FaceTime meeting, when necessary, we like to be face to face with our clients as we explain the process and examine our options. We believe that good communication can place us in more favorable positions in the long run.

To learn more about our firm or the services we provide, call our Pittsburgh office at 412-341-8477 or use our online contact form.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi