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Trucker driver under banned road conditions facing DUI charge

A truck driver who apparently decided to continue driving despite a travel ban is now facing a DUI charge. Recent inclement weather closed some major Pennsylvania highways and the accused truck driver was stopped on I-78 by state police trooper about an after after the announced driving ban. The officer allegedly smelled marijuana in the cab of the truck and apparently found a jar containing

Was drinking and driving always illegal?

You may be surprised to know that drinking and driving hasn’t always been illegal. Surprisingly, some states even allow open containers in vehicles today (Mississippi is a good example). You know that driving after drinking is dangerous, which is why it’s banned by today’s laws. However, the first drinking-and-driving laws weren’t established until 1910. It was then that the mass production of automobiles started, so

When does a driver not qualify for the ARD?

Though some believe Pennsylvania is harsh towards punishing drunk drivers, the state does recognize the lifelong consequences one charge along can bring. That’s why it has the Accelerated Rehabilitive Disposition, a program which isn’t offered in any other state. This allows first-time offenders with no prior criminal convictions the chance to rehabilitate with fines and community service without having to go through tedious court proceedings.

Drunk driving charges against Pennsylvania police officer dropped

DUI charges filed against a police officer have been dropped. The Pennsylvania police officer was charged in connection with an alleged drunk driving incident in December. It was alleged that the officer hit a used vehicle on a car lot while he was under the influence of alcohol. But a judge didn’t buy it and dropped the charges at the officer’s recent preliminary hearing. Police

Pennsylvania delivery driver facing drunk driving charge

Being charged with DUI can affect every part of a person’s life, including how he or she makes a living. A 27-year-old delivery company driver will need to fight a drunk driving charge aggressively after being arrested for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Police say they found an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. According to Pennsylvania state police, the accused

Test yourself, and you’ll know if you’re over the limit

Most people know that there is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t do it. When people drink, their ability to make good decisions is often vastly reduced. They may know that what they’re doing is dangerous but continue on to do it anyway — or they may convince themselves that they’re actually

2 women charged with robbery will need good criminal defense team

Being a suspect in a bank robbery is frightening and potentially life-changing. Those accused in Pennsylvania need to mount an aggressive criminal defense to fight the charges. Two women recently arrested for robbery, among other charges, will have to do just that. The 29 and 42-year-old women were arrested in connection with allegedly robbing a bank of more than $35,000 in 2018. Police allege that

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