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DUI defense: Know your right to an attorney

Drunk drivers know that they’re not as in control of their vehicles as they would be while sober, but people still make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. It’s a tragic offense to make since that simple error could result in a crash, injuries and fatalities. The good news is that drunk-driving crashes have reduced over time thanks to efforts from groups

Pittsburgh man in custody for drunk driving and fleeing police

Police in Pittsburgh recently arrested a local man who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. It apparently took some effort getting this man into custody as he allegedly fled from the officers who pulled him over. This individual has since been charged with drunk driving, eluding and fleeing, possession and a number of other traffic-related violations. At approximately 3:50 a.m. on Sept. 3,

Can those suspected of drunk driving refuse breath tests?

Pennsylvania residents who are pulled over by police for suspected impairment may have some questions about what their rights are in such a moment. For example, they may wonder if they must comply if asked to provide a breath sample for analysis. The truth is those suspected of drunk driving do have the right to say no to Breathalyzer tests. The Breathalyzer is often used

Man moves home 8 years following divorce due to cancer

Sometimes, divorces tear people apart. Other times, the time separated can lead to reconciliation years later. Take, for example, a news article about a man who had been divorced from his ex-wife for eight years before finding out he had brain cancer. At that stage, his ex-wife started to take care of him. She took over providing him with medications, taking him to doctor’s visits

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi