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Are You Facing DUI Charges In Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, even a first-time offender of the state’s drunk driving laws will face steep fines, jail time, license suspension and increased insurance premiums. For repeat offenders, the penalties are even steeper, including mandatory jail time and license suspension of 12 months. For those holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a drunk driving charge will almost certainly mean losing your job.

We can work with you to reduce or even dismiss your DUI charges. Louis W. Emmi is a lawyer with over three decades of courtroom experience assisting residents in Pittsburgh and throughout the commonwealth with various criminal issues, including charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. We bring trial knowledge to your case and examine every aspect of the charges against you, working to place you in a favorable position. When necessary, we’ll take your case to court and work to clear your name and protect your rights.

Thorough, Focused Approach To Your Case

We have assisted clients in various situations involving DUI charges, including representing both first-time and repeat offenders, as well as underage and commercial drivers.

Our DUI defense is stringent. During our investigation, we take many factors into consideration, including the circumstances of any failed Breathalyzer tests. We will examine why you were stopped in the first place and determine if the officer had any probable cause to begin with. Beyond that, we will look closely at the details to make sure that the officer handled the stop and investigation by the book. We are detail oriented, and we’ll examine everything to make sure your rights were not violated.

Experienced DUI Defense From A Knowledgeable Attorney

To get in contact with Louis W. Emmi Attorney at Law, call 412-437-8124 or use our online contact form. We’re happy to schedule a meeting via Skype or FaceTime if we’re unable to meet face to face. We offer free consultations. If you have more questions about DUI charges or DUI checkpoints, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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