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Uber hopes to use self-driving vehicles as soon as 2020

Drunk driving is not a habit that you should get into. While it's true that many people drive drunk and never get caught, the truth is that it's always dangerous. Even if you don't get caught, you could crash your vehicle or hit someone, causing serious injuries or deaths.

One thing that could help prevent drunk driving crashes is the use of self-driving vehicles. According to Uber, self-driving cars will be cheaper, safer and better. It plans to test the vehicles in Dallas and to use a test track in Pittsburgh. Beginning in November, the company will map and collect data about downtown Dallas to create computer simulations of those routes. They'll then be tested on the track in Pennsylvania.

Can dashcam footage help your DUI case?

The availability of dashcams is universal these days. Some civilian automobiles have one and most police vehicles have them. These devices show what happens when a person is pulled over, which takes away a lot of the guessing. In the past, people tended to defer to what the police officer claimed happened, but they can see it for themselves now.

For a person facing a drunk driving charge, the information in the dashcam video is sometimes a valuable defense tool. Before you decide whether you are going to include it in your defense strategy, review the footage to determine what it shows.

Will you have to go to DUI school or treatment?

If you are convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania, then you may be told to go through mandatory alcohol education, assessment and treatment. Assessment and treatment are required within the state.

Sometimes known as "DUI school," DUI treatment, education and assessments are used to help prevent people from reoffending. The DUI program may be part of a suspended sentencing arrangement or ordered as a part of probation. Sometimes, judges send people who have received DUIs to these schools to learn more about alcohol dependency and the consequences of DUIs.

Help save lives and avoid a DUI

Drunk driving is a danger to yourself, to people on the roads, to pedestrians and others. While the fortunate reality is that drunk driving fatalities have decreased by 31% overall in the last two decades, there is still a long way to go to prevent these accidents and save lives.

In Pennsylvania, there were 314 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2017, while there were 10,874 in the United States in total. As someone who may enjoy a drink or two on a night out, remember that you can help prevent these deaths.

Fall college events where police are on high alert for DUI

Autumn can be an exciting season for many college students. Upperclassmen are returning to campus to reunite with their classmates while first-years are now understanding what opportunities their universities can offer to them. It’s arguably the best time of the year to catch up with old friends and make new ones at social gatherings.

Officers are aware of how hectic parties can get during the fall. They’ll keep a close eye out for any signs of intoxicated driving at certain events. It’s important for students to be aware of what events they’ll be monitoring so they can plan their nights carefully and avoid having their educational futures ruined from a DUI arrest.

Impairment: Know the rates of impairment in people

Although .08% is the legal limit for alcohol in your blood while driving, this limit doesn't indicate that .08% is the first time when you'll be impaired. Impairment starts much earlier, and you may notice the effects of alcohol long before you get close to a .08% BAC.

How alcohol affects you depends on a number of factors, but there are some general explanations for how alcohol will affect you at certain percentages. Here's more about what you should know.

What should you do if you're arrested for driving drunk?

You decided to go out with friends, but you didn't take the time to make arrangements to get home safely. You thought you'd say under the limit and be able to drive yourself, but that's not what happened.

On your way home, you were stopped by an officer who saw you weaving. Now, you're facing an arrest and charges. What should you do?

How impaired are you under .08%?

Drunk driving is usually not something people intend to do. They might think that they're not over the limit or that they're capable of driving even when they're not.

While everyone does process alcohol differently, the truth is that any amount of alcohol in your blood can make it harder to make good decisions and more difficult to stay focused on the road. Even the impairment of only .02% or .04% can impact your ability to drive.

If you're facing a DUI, get the right help

Drunk driving is one of the most talked about actions that people are told to avoid. Drivers know, from the first time they're stepping into a vehicle, that it is not legal to drink and drive. Despite that, people still drink and drive every day.

In many cases, people do get home safely. Since everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, some people can even drive fairly well at the .08% limit. However, that doesn't mean that it's legal to do so. In fact, if you're caught driving recklessly and have alcohol in your system, you can face a DUI even if you're under that .08% legal limit.

Alleged drunk driver hits flagger on Pittsburgh Road

If you drive while you're intoxicated, one of the things that becomes an issue is that you put yourself and others at risk of a collision. This is particularly true in areas like construction zones, where the roads may not be as you remember.

Take this case as an example. A man has been charged with a DUI for hitting a flagger on Pittsburgh road. The June 28 report states that the man who was hit saw the driver coming and attempted to flag him into the other lane. The car continued onward, hitting the flagger on Washington Boulevard.

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