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Understanding field sobriety tests and the impact on a DUI charge

Field sobriety tests are used by police officers to help determine if a person is under the influence of alcohol.

While not always the case, the use of a breathalyzer test typically comes after one or more field sobriety test.

Getting Around Following a DUI Conviction

Although it may be tempting to drive with a suspended license after your DUI, it simply is not worth it. Penalties for driving under suspension include a $500 fine plus mandatory jail time of 60 to 90 days because the original offense causing revocation was alcohol-related.

If you are under the influence of alcohol and caught driving with a suspended license, the penalties are stiffer. You may end up in jail for two years and fined up to $5,000, face further periods of revocation, or have your vehicle impounded.

Can you get a DUI while driving a vehicle other than a car?

In May of 2018, a was charged with a DUI while operating his golf cart at a campsite in Delaware. The man in question allegedly lost control of the cart, injuring a passenger in the cart in the process. He was then charged with a DUI after it was found he was intoxicated.

With this in mind, it’s important to know the laws in Pittsburgh regarding DUIs and the different ways you can be charged. DUIs are not restricted to just automobile operation.

DUI conviction and employment background screening

A DUI conviction can alter your life in many ways, such as making it more difficult to secure a job in the future.

Since most employers in today's world conduct background checks, there's a very good chance they'll see the DUI on your record. While this doesn't necessarily mean you won't get the job, it can definitely work against you. This is particularly true if you're applying for a position in which driving is required, such as a trucker or bus driver.

When business partners go through a divorce

Are you married to your business partner? If so, a divorce can mean big changes for both your personal and professional lives.

Since the well-being of your company and employees is on the line, it's imperative that you know which steps to take and the types of mistakes to avoid in the weeks and months to come.

How to include transportation into your night-out plans

You’ve had a long week of classes and work. There is that paper you need to write and you have a test coming up, but you want to relax. After a week like this one, going out with friends and getting lit sounds like the perfect remedy. You know they will be down for a good time, so you send out that group text to put things in motion.

While you and your crew decide where to party it up, you may want to consider transportation. Sure getting to the party is usually pretty easy, but knowing exactly how everyone will get home and between destinations can be difficult.

Felony DUI bill passes in the Pennsylvania Senate

In Pennsylvania, a DUI is not a felony. It's a misdemeanor not just for a first offense, but for anything after that. This means that a person with a dozen previous convictions could get arrested and only face misdemeanor charges.

Most states do not follow this model. Just four of them have endless misdemeanors, including Pennsylvania, while the rest eventually switch over to felony charges that come with strict sentences.

Invalidating a prenup is possible under certain circumstances

A prenuptial agreement may seem like this mammoth contract, a legal steamroller that simply can't be stopped. This idea is born out of a common misunderstanding about prenups: that they are somehow immune to a legal challenge. In actuality, they are quite susceptible to a legal challenge if the circumstances warrant such a challenge.

One common reason why a prenuptial agreement is challenged and invalidated (in part or wholly) is for the silliest of reasons: the prenup was either never put in writing, or it was improperly executed. This is a reminder to anyone considering walking down the aisle that if you want a prenuptial agreement, you should have that discussion with your soon-to-be-spouse early on, and then draft it appropriately.

When a pub crawl turns into a pub brawl

You and your buddies love a good pub crawl. It's a tradition. Ever since college, you and your boys get together a couple times a year for a night of earnest drinking. You always get wasted, and you always end up with hilarious stories to last you until the next time.

But last weekend, things didn't go quite according to plan. A few whiskies in, a stranger made a rude comment to you. You made a snide remark back. Things escalated quickly, and pretty soon you found yourself in a full-on fist fight with the guy. You both willingly entered into the fight--which in legal terms is called "mutual combat"--so you don't have to worry about any legal ramifications, right? Wrong.

Here’s how you can challenge your DUI charge – and win.

You’ve been pulled over and the officer accuses you of being drunk – even though you aren’t. Despite your protests, you are suddenly placed under arrest. But an arrest doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. If you’ve been charged with a DUI it’s critical that you fight back, stand up for your rights and get the justice you deserve.

Here are three ways that you can challenge a DUI stop in court.

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