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What should you do if you're arrested for driving drunk?

You decided to go out with friends, but you didn't take the time to make arrangements to get home safely. You thought you'd say under the limit and be able to drive yourself, but that's not what happened.

On your way home, you were stopped by an officer who saw you weaving. Now, you're facing an arrest and charges. What should you do?

How impaired are you under .08%?

Drunk driving is usually not something people intend to do. They might think that they're not over the limit or that they're capable of driving even when they're not.

While everyone does process alcohol differently, the truth is that any amount of alcohol in your blood can make it harder to make good decisions and more difficult to stay focused on the road. Even the impairment of only .02% or .04% can impact your ability to drive.

If you're facing a DUI, get the right help

Drunk driving is one of the most talked about actions that people are told to avoid. Drivers know, from the first time they're stepping into a vehicle, that it is not legal to drink and drive. Despite that, people still drink and drive every day.

In many cases, people do get home safely. Since everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, some people can even drive fairly well at the .08% limit. However, that doesn't mean that it's legal to do so. In fact, if you're caught driving recklessly and have alcohol in your system, you can face a DUI even if you're under that .08% legal limit.

Alleged drunk driver hits flagger on Pittsburgh Road

If you drive while you're intoxicated, one of the things that becomes an issue is that you put yourself and others at risk of a collision. This is particularly true in areas like construction zones, where the roads may not be as you remember.

Take this case as an example. A man has been charged with a DUI for hitting a flagger on Pittsburgh road. The June 28 report states that the man who was hit saw the driver coming and attempted to flag him into the other lane. The car continued onward, hitting the flagger on Washington Boulevard.

Why driving on a suspended license isn’t worth it

If you have a DUI conviction and had your license suspended, you may not realize how important it is for you to avoid driving in Pennsylvania. In December 2018, new state laws went into effect, making the penalties stiffer for those caught driving on a suspended license. The laws also became stricter for repeat DUI offenders.

Man faces homicide charges after alleged DUI crash

Driving while you're drunk is a quick way to end up in trouble with the law. More states are cracking down on drunk driving, sending out more officers to stop those who appear to be driving recklessly.

If you choose to drive drunk, you should be aware that you could cause serious injuries or deaths if you cause a collision. If that happens, you face more than just the typical DUI penalties; You could face a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court as well as enhanced DUI penalties, fines and prison time.

Checkpoint arrests thrown out, not legal, Supreme Court rules

In an important moment for Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a ruling that changed the way DUI checkpoints would be used in the state.

With sobriety checkpoints, there are usually DUI task forces that help stop drivers and take those who are intoxicated off the road. However, there's a catch. If that DUI task force isn't authorized, it can't be used.

Are breath tests enough to lead to an arrest?

Breath tests are often talked about as if they're infallible. There's a good reason for that, though: Most are accurate if they're given correctly and when calibrated to recognize alcohol well.

Most people who have to deal with a breath test have been pulled over or stopped because of unusual actions. For instance, you might have been speeding and weaving in traffic, or you might have braked suddenly. Making a driving error gives the officer a reason to pull you over, and from there, they can decide what to do next.

What are the penalties for general impairment in Pennsylvania?

If you have not kept up on changes in the law, you might not know that the legal limit in Pennsylvania is lower than it was in the past. Since 2003, Act 24 has required the state legal limit of alcohol to be .08% instead of .10%.

On top of this, there were three tiers of DUIs created by the act that are dependent on your blood alcohol content (BAC). These include general impairment, high BAC and highest BAC. General impairment runs from .08% to .099%, high BAC runs from .10 to .159% and highest BAC goes from .16% upward.

Alcohol changes you: Here's how

Driving while you're intoxicated is one of the riskiest things you can do on the road. Alcohol can cause many changes in your body, and while you may believe you're sober, the reality could be that you're not.

Some people feel completely fine even when they're well over the .08% limit. Others feel the effects strongly at a much lower amount. Regardless of which situation you're in, the truth is that it's dangerous to drive while you're intoxicated.

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