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Masked robbery suspect will need strong criminal defense team

Police are on the hunt for a scarier than usual robbery suspect who allegedly prowled a trendy part of Pittsburgh. Once apprehended, the suspect will need to mount an aggressive criminal defense for these terrifying robberies in Pennsylvania in which he supposedly dons a mask identical to the one that appeared in the slasher movie, “Scream.” The person, who is said to frequent the Shadyside area of the city, is wanted for three robbery incidents there.

In one incident, the police say the suspect jumped from behind bushes and demanded a woman’s purse. The same M.O. was purportedly used twice more, though the suspect supposedly showed a gun in one instance. Business owners in the area are taking extra precautions by doing things like walking together to their cars after work.

Both Carnegie Melon and the University of Pittsburgh have students living in the area and have sent out alerts to those students. The incidents have all taken place later in the evening. Police believe the suspect is male and, in addition to wearing the mask, is dressed all in black.

Armed robbery is a serious felony offense and Pennsylvania residents who are so charged may be wise in obtaining legal counsel on how to best fight the charge since those found guilty could face 20 years to life behind bars. However, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a deadly weapon was, in fact, used and that the accused intended to commit or actually did commit the crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney will fight to protect the accused’s legal rights and may be able to have to have certain charges reduced, if not dismissed completely.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi