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Felony DUI bill passes in the Pennsylvania Senate

In Pennsylvania, a DUI is not a felony. It’s a misdemeanor not just for a first offense, but for anything after that. This means that a person with a dozen previous convictions could get arrested and only face misdemeanor charges. Most states do not follow this model. Just four of them have endless misdemeanors, including Pennsylvania, while the rest eventually switch over to felony charges

Pennsylvania drunk driving: Are breath tests mandatory?

Pennsylvania residents who are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol may be pulled over by police. When this happens, they are likely to be asked to submit to breath tests. When that time comes, they’ll have a choice to make: to blow or not to blow. Are breath tests in drunk driving cases mandatory? Technically, when one obtains a driver’s license, he

Drunk driving case against John Maher expunged

State representatives are just like everyone else, right? Some people may not believe so after reading about the drunk driving case against John Maher. A Pennsylvania criminal court closed the case and expunged the record. Is this special treatment, or something that is a possibility for the average Joe? John Maher has been a public servant for the state of Pennsylvania since 1997. He was

Invalidating a prenup is possible under certain circumstances

A prenuptial agreement may seem like this mammoth contract, a legal steamroller that simply can’t be stopped. This idea is born out of a common misunderstanding about prenups: that they are somehow immune to a legal challenge. In actuality, they are quite susceptible to a legal challenge if the circumstances warrant such a challenge. One common reason why a prenuptial agreement is challenged and invalidated

When a pub crawl turns into a pub brawl

You and your buddies love a good pub crawl. It’s a tradition. Ever since college, you and your boys get together a couple times a year for a night of earnest drinking. You always get wasted, and you always end up with hilarious stories to last you until the next time. But last weekend, things didn’t go quite according to plan. A few whiskies in,

Drunk driving charge may follow a failed field sobriety test

Pennsylvania residents, or those individuals who are visiting the state, who are thought to be driving while impaired by alcohol may be pulled over by police officers. When they are, they may be asked to submit to roadside testing. If they do and they fail any of the tests, drunk driving charges may follow. There are three and only three standardized field sobriety tests: the

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