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Helping Clients Through The Difficult Process Of Divorce

Every divorce process is different. However, a common thread seems to be that divorces are rarely, if ever, simple and straightforward. Even in amicable circumstances, there are considerations which can significantly complicate the process. In particular, the emotional and financial stakes can be even higher if children are involved. A skilled lawyer, however, can help individuals through the dissolution of marriage, alleviating some of the stresses and placing clients in better long-term positions.

Attorney Louis W. Emmi has provided first-class representation to clients in Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania in divorce and other family law matters. Assisting on everything from matters involving child custody and support to issues of property and asset division, we provide compassionate guidance coupled with decades of trial experience. Our goal is always consistent: represent your interests while providing a realistic assessment of your circumstances.

Attentive, Personalized Counsel

We strive to provide creative solutions to the many difficulties associated with divorcing. From alimony matters to questions surrounding child support, we consider both the personal and financial implications of divorce.

In particular, we believe in preparing extensively and presenting our clients with the options we believe will be most beneficial for their current and long-term outlook. While we believe in proceeding in a friendly, approachable manner, we are always prepared to go to court and defend our clients’ interests.

Whether discussing the merits of no-fault divorce or navigating the ramifications of equitable distribution, we leverage over three decades of experience to leave you with a comfortable, lasting solution.

Working With You

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi