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Pennsylvania police say drunk driving led to homicide

A 24-year-old man has been charged with the death of a mother of five. Police say the Pennsylvania resident was drunk driving when he crashed into the woman’s vehicle. He has 15 charges against him, including vehicular homicide. The crash happened around this time last year in the Point Breeze area of Pittsburgh, but police have just recently arrested the accused.

The victim was a passenger in the vehicle of the accused. Police said she died moments after the crash. At the time of the incident, the accused told police the victim was the one driving the vehicle. But, with a search warrant, police were able to obtain a sample of blood on the airbag on the driver’s side of the vehicle which purportedly matched that of the accused.

Another passenger in the vehicle told police she tried to persuade the accused not to drive the vehicle and tried to have him give his keys to her, but to no avail. They group had been to a house party. Under warrant, police were able to get blood test results from the hospital which allegedly showed the accused had a blood alcohol level at the time of .191 percent, which is more than two times what is allowable by law. The man remains in custody.

Drunk driving is a serious allegation. A Pennsylvania resident who is so accused needs to mount an aggressive defense against the charge. An attorney can help by reviewing the evidence that the prosecution intends to offer at trial to assess strengths and weaknesses. Having a strong legal team is a must since penalties under conviction can range from losing a driver’s license to fines and lengthy prison sentences.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi