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2 women charged with robbery will need good criminal defense team

Being a suspect in a bank robbery is frightening and potentially life-changing. Those accused in Pennsylvania need to mount an aggressive criminal defense to fight the charges. Two women recently arrested for robbery, among other charges, will have to do just that. The 29 and 42-year-old women were arrested in connection with allegedly robbing a bank of more than $35,000 in 2018.

Police allege that the pair split the proceeds of the robbery that happened in September last year. Police said one of the women passed a note to a teller and then pulled out a handgun. The two told employees to get into the bank vault before fleeing with a bag full of cash.

The two were arrested on a tip from a teenage robbery suspect who accused the younger accused woman of putting her up to another robbery. That woman was arrested on an unrelated charge at which time police say she confessed to the September robbery with the older woman.  In addition to robbery, both women have been charged with possession of an instrument of crime, carrying a firearm without a license, conspiracy and receiving stolen property.

The first line of defense for Pennsylvania residents accused of a serious crime is to obtain advice on how to best fight those charges. Putting together an experienced criminal defense team may mean the difference between the best outcome possible and one that is less so. A lawyer is able to best advise his or her client on how to defend him or herself to pursue the best outcome, which could mean having the charges thrown out entirely or a punishment that is less severe in the case of a conviction.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi