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Drunk driving charges against Pennsylvania police officer dropped

DUI charges filed against a police officer have been dropped. The Pennsylvania police officer was charged in connection with an alleged drunk driving incident in December. It was alleged that the officer hit a used vehicle on a car lot while he was under the influence of alcohol. But a judge didn’t buy it and dropped the charges at the officer’s recent preliminary hearing.

Police also claim the off-duty officer ran a red light and hit another vehicle prior to the car lot incident. The prosecuting attorney told the court that the accused was given field sobriety tests and apparently admitted to having three alcoholic beverages three hours prior to the incident. However, one of the results in one of the tests administered at the scene registered at a .076 — below the legal limit of .08. The other test registered a blood alcohol level of .083t.

The judge sided with the accused who was on administrative leave from his position since the incident. The police chief in Green Tree — where the incident took place and where the officer works — has reinstated the officer, and he will return to duty shortly. He has only been a police officer for about a year and is still considered a rookie.

Having an experienced legal team can help a Pennsylvania resident charged with drunk driving to aggressively fight the charge and in some instances, such as this one, have the charges dropped. Having the guidance and advice of a lawyer may impact the outcome of such cases. If the charges aren’t dropped, the consequences might be less severe.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi