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Alleged drunk driver hits flagger on Pittsburgh Road

If you drive while you’re intoxicated, one of the things that becomes an issue is that you put yourself and others at risk of a collision. This is particularly true in areas like construction zones, where the roads may not be as you remember.

Take this case as an example. A man has been charged with a DUI for hitting a flagger on Pittsburgh road. The June 28 report states that the man who was hit saw the driver coming and attempted to flag him into the other lane. The car continued onward, hitting the flagger on Washington Boulevard.

After hitting the flagger, the allegedly drunk driver hit an illuminated directional sign. The police at the scene stopped him and reported smelling alcohol. The criminal complaint says that the man called a friend because he was scared over what happened. He then allegedly took two shots of fireball before throwing away the container. Knowing this, the authorities took several tests and determined that he had been drunk at the time of the crash.

What should you do if you accidentally hit someone and may be intoxicated?

If you hit someone and may be intoxicated, it’s still in your best interests to remain at the scene. If you leave, you can be charged for a hit-and-run collision, which intensifies the number of penalties you face and how severe they are. You may also face other charges, depending on the prosecution’s take on the case.

Your attorney can help you defend yourself if you remain at the scene and follow directions. Let them know that you’ve been involved in a crash as soon as possible.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi