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What should you do if you’re arrested for driving drunk?

You decided to go out with friends, but you didn’t take the time to make arrangements to get home safely. You thought you’d say under the limit and be able to drive yourself, but that’s not what happened.

On your way home, you were stopped by an officer who saw you weaving. Now, you’re facing an arrest and charges. What should you do?

1. Don’t admit to drinking and driving

Though this may seem obvious, being honest isn’t necessarily your best option at this point. You don’t have to say that you didn’t drink, but you can elect not to say anything at all. If you’re not sure what to say to the police, the best policy is to stay quiet.

2. Call your attorney

You should call your attorney soon after your arrest. They will be able to give you guidance on what you should or should not say or do while in police custody. They will also gather information about the arrest right away, so they, and you, know the charges and what to expect.

3. Be civil

Finally, remember to be civil. If you act aggressive or hurt someone, you could end up facing more charges than a simple DUI. The way you act, if sensible, could even help show that you were not as intoxicated as the police believed.

These are three tips you should follow if you were arrested for a DUI. Remember, your actions will matter when building a defense. Our site has more on what you should do if you’re arrested on suspicion of a DUI.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi