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Pennsylvania has serious penalties for drunk driving

Have you been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol? Is so, you may be wondering what this means for your future. Drunk driving is a serious offense in Pennsylvania. If convicted, the potential penalties can have a significant impact on your life.

According to current state laws, the severity of DUI penalties are determined by your blood-alcohol level, the number of offenses currently on your record and the details of your case. For example, if you are a first time offender with a BAC level between .08 to .099, if convicted you may have to pay a fine, attend alcohol safety school and may be put on probation. If, as a first time offender, your BAC was in the .10 to .159 range, you could be looking at a higher fine, license suspension, jail time and have to attend an alcohol safety course. Repeat offenders or those who caused and accident resulting in injury or death stand to spend years behind bars, have to commit to an alcohol treatment program and could lose their licenses for good.

Every DUI case is different. The state wants to do right by the public and keep impaired drivers off the road. This does not mean that your DUI charge will automatically result in a conviction. There may be a way for you to fight the charge.

You do not have to sit by and let the state decide your fate. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review your drunk driving case, let you know what you are up against and help you decide the best way to tackle the problem. To learn more about DUI penalties in Pennsylvania and how an attorney can assist you with your case, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi