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Man facing more than 20 charges including drunk driving

A traffic stop culminated in a 23-year-old man being charged with DUI and more than 20 summary traffic offences. The Pennsylvania resident will need experienced legal counsel to help him to aggressively fight the charges, particularly since he has been accused of alleged drunk driving which bears with it serious consequences. State police ended up in a several-mile vehicle chase with the accused. Three other men in the vehicle are facing felony theft charges.

Cops tried to stop the vehicle for speeding near a large chain store where the thefts allegedly occurred. Stolen items worth about $2,000 were supposedly recovered from the vehicle. Charged are a 26-year-old man and two 36-year-old men. They have been charged with third degree felonies for receiving stolen property, conspiracy to commit retail theft, and retail theft.

The driver is facing third degree felony charges for fleeing or attempting to elude an officer, retail theft and conspiracy to commit retail theft. He has also been charged with misdemeanor DUI, three counts of recklessly endangering another person, possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of resisting arrest. Summary traffic charges include four counts of failing to stop at a red signal, among others.

Facing serious charges like those associated with drunk driving can be scary and potentially life altering. Getting the advice and guidance of an experienced legal team may go a long way in helping to fight the charges aggressively. A Pennsylvania lawyer will review all evidence and ensure his or her client was arrested and charged within the letter of the law and work to secure the best outcome possible.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi