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Criminal defense: Pennsylvania man facing homicide charges

Those convicted on a murder charge will likely face serious consequences, including years, if not a lifetime, behind bars or worse still — could face the death penalty. An aggressive criminal defense is crucial when battling a serious charge like murder such as 52-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing. It is vital that he has an experienced legal team to review the evidence presented against him to come up with a meaningful plan of action.

The suspect, who was wanted in the stabbing death of his 65-year-old girlfriend of five years, was taken into custody in Baltimore. The two were said to have an on and off relationship. Authorities say the woman’s death was caused by multiple sharp force trauma. Her daughter found her body after apparently not hearing from her mother for some days.

The woman suffered multiple stab wounds, one of which injured her liver and another which entered her heart. The authorities have charged the accused with criminal homicide and robbery. He and the deceased had supposedly been living together.

Fighting a homicide charge aggressively is necessary if there is any hope of beating a conviction. The help of a savvy criminal defense team may make the difference between an accused person spending years in prison if convicted and having the charge dismissed or any sentence reduced. Those accused in Pennsylvania still have their rights until — and only if — they are proven guilty, and one of those is the right to an attorney to help prepare a strong case in order to preserve the client’s freedom.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi