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How to include transportation into your night-out plans

You’ve had a long week of classes and work. There is that paper you need to write and you have a test coming up, but you want to relax. After a week like this one, going out with friends and getting lit sounds like the perfect remedy. You know they will be down for a good time, so you send out that group text to put things in motion.

While you and your crew decide where to party it up, you may want to consider transportation. Sure getting to the party is usually pretty easy, but knowing exactly how everyone will get home and between destinations can be difficult.

How can you plan ahead?

Getting your friends to and from each bar, restaurant and apartment safely is crucial. This should become part of your regular planning process. Don’t be afraid to talk about your concerns with everyone. If anyone tries to hate on you, just remind them that a drunk driving charge could end up being the alternative.

These ideas can help you ensure that your night of fun doesn’t end in something tragic.

  • Create a buddy system: Make sure that each of your friends has someone they can count on. Whether you decide to bar hop or hit up that house party, no one should be left unaccounted for. Charge up your phones and have each-other’s numbers ready.
  • Set up your cells: Download your favorite rideshare apps so that they are always an option. Program some local cab company numbers into your phone and save them under a name that’s simple—like ‘cab 1, cab 2, etc.’
  • Map your route: If you are planning on turning it up at more than one place, figure out where all you want to go. Once you’ve decided, check out how you will get to each place. Are they all in walking distance? Are there sidewalks?
  • Know your public transit options: Since you know where you are going, know when you can use public transportation and where you can hop on.

It may feel lame to over-prepare, but when you’re in a bind you will be happy you did. If one of you gets sick and needs to go home earlier than planned, you will already know how to make this happen safely. Keep up your grades and keep the party going.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi