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Are breath tests enough to lead to an arrest?

Breath tests are often talked about as if they’re infallible. There’s a good reason for that, though: Most are accurate if they’re given correctly and when calibrated to recognize alcohol well.

Most people who have to deal with a breath test have been pulled over or stopped because of unusual actions. For instance, you might have been speeding and weaving in traffic, or you might have braked suddenly. Making a driving error gives the officer a reason to pull you over, and from there, they can decide what to do next.

Breath tests are among the most accurate DUI tests

Breath tests are among the most accurate tests for proving intoxication. Other tests, like field sobriety tests, may not be as accurate because they rely on you to perform actions that you may be unable to do because of other issues, like trouble with balance or other medical concerns.

With a breath test, the device is reading alcohol content. Yes, there are some medical conditions that can make the test inaccurate, but on the whole, a properly calibrated device is going to be accurate.

What happens after you fail a breath test?

If you fail the test, you should be prepared for an arrest. If you are arrested, it’s essential to ask for your attorney as soon as possible. It’s better not to speak with the police until you’re able to discuss your case with your attorney because your attorney will give you good information on how to protect yourself and your interests if you have to go through an interview.

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