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Why Be Picky About Your Attorney?

Louis W. Emmi knows there are a lot of lawyers out there. There are also a lot of doctors and contractors, but you would not call an ob-gyn for your heart trouble or hire a plumber to replace your roof. When you are facing criminal charges, you want the professional with the most extensive and relevant knowledge in the area of law that concerns you. You want to know your defense strategy is tested and solid.

Every criminal charge brings potentially devastating consequences. Your freedom, your job, your reputation and your future opportunities are on the line. Louis W. Emmi Attorney at Law is committed to protecting those precious things with experience, knowledge and individual attention.


A lawyer with experience knows how law enforcement works in your community. Having spent more than 30 years practicing law, we have successfully defended countless clients in western Pennsylvania. We are well-respected by prosecutors and judges, and our reputation as tough litigators has earned us esteem among our colleagues.


Criminal defense is a complex area of law, and when your future is in the balance, you want an advocate who has a thorough understanding of every nuance. For example, DUI laws are intricate and contain many variables and countless opportunities for the violation of your rights. We put our extensive knowledge to work for you with a goal of achieving the most positive outcome for your case, including:

  • To have your charges reduced
  • To spare your license from revocation
  • To lessen or eliminate your jail sentence
  • To reach a plea agreement instead of incarceration

Personal Approach

Criminal defense is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. No two cases are the same, and your situation has its unique elements. An attorney who takes the time to investigate the circumstances surrounding the charges and to hear your side of the story will be far better able to represent you and seek your best interests. We pledge to keep the lines of communication open and to work with you toward the best possible resolution.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi