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Drunk driving law mandates interlock device for first offenders

A new tool in the battle against alcohol-impaired driving has been made effective in Pennsylvania. The law became operative as of Aug. 25, 2017. It applies to first-time offenders convicted of drunk driving who are found with a blood alcohol content of .10 or higher. These individuals can derive a benefit from the new law. It requires qualified first-offenders to have an ignition interlock device

The Intoxilyzer 8000 makes mistakes that can harm you

Too many drivers in Allegheny County have convictions on their driving records because of errors on two of the state’s most common breathalyzer tests, the Intoxilyzer 8000. Drivers contend that the machine is simply wrong, that they were not intoxicated when the machine rang up breath alcohol levels high enough to convict them of driving under the influence. Costly convictions We’re not talking about a

Criminal defense may exist for accused who threw his salad

Some people save their rage for the wrong things. That would have to be true about a Pennsylvania man who must present a criminal defense to charges arising from an alleged outburst recently in a Wendy’s restaurant. Police say that, after complaining that there were not enough cucumbers in his salad, he threw his food at an employee and made a threat. The accused allegedly

Family law and immigration rules sometimes intersect

In Pennsylvania, the federal immigration laws impact many married couples. For example, it is a common event for a United States citizen to meet and marry a person from a foreign country. In most instances, family law principles and immigration law provisions will validate and recognize the marriage. The process does require voluminous paperwork that must be submitted to federal immigration authorities. The marriage will

Medical marijuana in PA: Will AG Sessions prosecute?

Marijuana laws have been gradually changing in states across the country, and Pennsylvania is now among 29 states, along with Washington, D.C., to legalize medical marijuana. The state health department recently announced that 29 entities will be permitted to dispense medical marijuana at 52 locations across Pennsylvania. The medical marijuana program is expected to become operational in 2018. Marijuana laws in Pennsylvania and other states

Pennsylvania criminal defense may face expanded role of DNA

Lawmakers on the lookout for new ways to fight crime may feel compelled to support proposals that promise sweeping protections for society. In Pennsylvania, a bill has just moved to the Senate after the House approved it with a 157 to 32 vote. Writers of the bill expect the new law to reduce violent crime and protect the innocent from false accusations. However, some criminal

Family law: Child custody is based on good adult parenting

Experienced family law attorneys in Pennsylvania know that there are some basic principles of child custody law that must be followed by each parent. When those basic principles of rational parenting are ignored or manipulated by a parent, the family law judge presiding over the case will usually spot the violative behavior or attitude quite readily. The judge will usually treat that factor accordingly when

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