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What really happens after you are charged with a DUI?

Being charged with a DUI has serious consequences. The charge could result in heavy fines and even jail time in some cases. But what people sometimes do not think about are the other, long term and non-legal consequences of a DUI charge. These can be just as harsh and generally have a large impact on your future.

Here are three other consequences you can suffer after a DUI charge:

Employment risk

If there is a DUI charge on your record you could put your employment or potential employment at risk. Many employers run background checks and a DUI charge may have a negative impact on your chances of being hired. If you are currently employed and have to serve community service or attend court dates, these may cause issues with your current job.

High insurance

Chances are your insurance rates will go up after a DUI charge. These drivers are usually considered high-risk and your insurance rates will likely increase. There is even a chance you could lose your insurance coverage due to a DUI.

Relationships decline

In some cases, people who have been charged with a DUI can feel their relationships begin to suffer. Many people have a negative outlook of people who have DUIs on their record. Your friends, family and coworkers may worry about your well-being after your arrest or you might think they are ashamed or embarrassed of you. Both professional and personal relationships may suffer due to a DUI charge.

DUI charges are serious and can have many negative effects on your life. There are both immediate and long-term consequences of being arrested for a DUI. You can have your driving record legally expunged, if you feel the consequences are affecting your life too much. However, this may not solve your problems entirely either.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi