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Superintendent faces the loss of job over DUI charge

Getting a DUI can threaten your job, which is never good. It’s important that you can go to work and bring home a paycheck. You want to make sure you can live comfortably.

Unfortunately, many employers will not retain employees who have DUI convictions on their records. For example, look at this case involving a superintendent from West Mifflin. He has been charged with a second DUI, but he claims, in his defense, that it is only his first based on the first being expunged.

The school board held a meeting on Nov. 29 because it is allowed to vote to remove the man from office. It can also avoid buyout requirements in certain cases. However, there are requirements that have to be met, which the superintendent is claiming haven’t been.

He currently faces accusations of immorality, incompetency and neglect of duties. He was arrested for a DUI on Interstate 376 in September 2017. He told the district’s solicitor that he’d already had a DUI that was dismissed with the accelerated rehabilitative disposition program in 2008. Since it was expunged, he reported the DUI in 2017 as his first.

He argues that other school employees also have multiple DUIs and have retained their positions. He believes that he is being targeted because of reporting wrongdoings by others in the district. He has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district.

Any DUI or other charges can threaten your job. It’s important to work with someone skilled in law to make sure you know what to do to protect yourself if you’re charged with a DUI.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi