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Pleading guilty in a drunk driving case may be the right move

When facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, knowing the right legal steps to take can be a challenge. It is okay to want to fight to protect oneself. Sometimes, the best way to fight a drunk driving charge is to plead guilty. How can that be?

When wanting to avoid maximum punishment, pleading guilty may seem like the wrong thing to do. The truth is, entering a guilty plea can sometimes be a strategic move designed to get a favorable result under the circumstances presented. It is a legal move that often allows a person to achieve lighter sentencing.

Recently, a Pennsylvania woman entered a guilty plea following a DUI-related crash that left a passenger in her car severely injured. If she took her case to trial and lost, she could have been sentenced to years behind bars. Instead, by entering a guilty plea, she will stay out of jail, endure one year of house arrest, three years probation, have to pay restitution and attend a treatment program and safe driving school.

When facing a drunk driving charge, wanting to fight it is understandable. There is more than one way to do that, though. Pennsylvania residents can turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney who will be able to offer guidance on their cases and help them pursue the legal actions that will best serve their interests. In some cases, fighting for case dismissal may be the right course of action. In others, such as the example above, taking a plea deal will be the better move.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi