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Pittsburgh man facing drunk driving charges

On Thursday, Aug. 16, police in Pittsburgh arrested the man they say is responsible for hitting eight parked vehicles with his car. Impairment is thought to be a factor in this case. This gentleman is facing a slew of charges, including drunk driving. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

According to a news report, police were called to a neighborhood in Mount Washington to investigate an alleged drunk driving incident. Witnesses on scene claim that the accused — a 48-year-old male — was operating his black Infiniti along Southern Avenue, Penelope Street and Simms Street, hitting cars and dragging pieces of them along the roadway. He was still on scene when police arrived and was asked to participate in a field sobriety test. Police claim he was unable to finish the test. They also claim to have found an open container of alcohol in his vehicle and drugs on his person.

The accused was promptly arrested. He is charged with DUI, operating a vehicle without a license, operating a vehicle without insurance, damaging property and drug possession. It is unclear if bond was ever set in his case or if any court dates have been scheduled to address this matter.

In Pittsburgh and elsewhere, drunk driving charges can carry significant penalties. As a number of charges have been filed against the accused in this case along with the DUI charge, this individual may be looking at some serious jail time and fines if he is convicted. How well he is able to defend himself will greatly influence the outcome of this case. Thankfully, he has the right to experienced legal counsel who will have the ability to help him fight for the best possible outcome.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi