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Man is arrested for drunk driving after trying to vote early

There was an unusually brisk turnout of voters on Nov. 7 in Pennsylvania. Many people were excited to cast their vote in the midst of so many controversial issues facing the public this year. Historically, election day is also a day when some citizens still go out and have some cheer to celebrate the day. There is usually a slight rise of drunk driving charges on election day.

In one case just prior to election day, a man started celebrating a bit early. The 34-year-old Harrisburg resident showed up at an elementary school a day early and requested the right to vote. It was Monday, however, and voting is always on a Tuesday. He appeared to be drunk and the authorities were called to escort him out.

The police say that the man told them that he drove to the school thinking it was election day. That kind of enthusiasm for performing one’s civic duties would normally be admirable, but of course the man caused confusion and consternation on the part of school attendees, officials and others. When the man’s mother was contacted by phone after her son’s arrest for drunk driving, she told callers that her son had thought that it was Tuesday.

Although the police did not likely observe the man actually driving his vehicle, they apparently put him through the required field tests and blood alcohol testing. They did not, however, immediately release any details on the results. Generally, the police would have to find the man driving a vehicle or at a point shortly thereafter. Otherwise, the “driving” aspect of drunk driving would not be proved under the requirements of Pennsylvania law. Whether that is a viable issue for the man to present a defense in this case remains for further investigation as the case goes forward in the system.

Source:, “Man charged with DUI after going to vote a day early“, Nov. 9, 2017

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi