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Family law issues: Raising a baby after a Pennsylvania divorce

Child custody issues are challenging enough in a Pennsylvania divorce when the children are older. When a baby is involved, matters tend to get a bit more complicated. The family law issues in this situation often do not allow for a true shared custody agreement.

Babies are not exactly as adaptable as older children are when it comes to going back and forth to be with each parent. They need their routines in order to thrive, and if the mother is breastfeeding, that could complicate matters. This may require the parents to come up with a different type of visitation schedule that would allow the baby’s routine to remain as stable as possible.

Pennsylvania parents in this situation will need to find a way to communicate often and support each other in their parenting duties. Each parent needs the freedom to develop a strong bond with the baby, and keeping conflict away from the child may help in that endeavor. Babies may not completely understand what is going on, but they may sense the tension. Admittedly, achieving these goals may not be easy, but it is usually worth the effort.

Developing a parenting plan that caters to the specific needs of a baby may require some assistance. It may also be necessary to adapt and change the plan as the child grows, or add a mechanism to more easily modify it in the future. Coming to an agreement that satisfies both parents is the first step. The assistance of a family law attorney may help ensure that the agreement meets with the approval of the court, contains all of the necessary provisions and protects the rights of the client.

Source:, “What Life After Divorce With A Baby Is REALLY Like“, Karen Finn, Aug. 19, 2017

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