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Family law: Child custody is based on good adult parenting

Experienced family law attorneys in Pennsylvania know that there are some basic principles of child custody law that must be followed by each parent. When those basic principles of rational parenting are ignored or manipulated by a parent, the family law judge presiding over the case will usually spot the violative behavior or attitude quite readily. The judge will usually treat that factor accordingly when deciding what resolution will be in the best interest of the children.

The principles of good parental skills are generally known in family law circles and by experts in the field. First, the children may never be brought into the adult  issues between the parents. The children are not to be made messengers for the vitriol that one parent may want to communicate to the other. This type of behavior may have a long-term negative impact on a child’s emotional growth.

It is basic that parents must not speak negatively of the other parent in front of the children. Others who talk that way should be stopped by the parent. The child is not a pawn in a war game. Being caught treating a child in that manner will likely result in severe negative consequences against the offending parent’s chances for custody or increased visitation.

As a parent, one must pay attention to the feelings and sensitivities of the children. When bringing another suitor into the picture, this must be done gingerly and with great caution. Children are emotionally struggling to stay centered in the midst of losing the family unit that they cherished. Always treat the children with love and let them know that both parents equally love them. This is the effective way to bring about positive outcomes, both in the family law courtroom in Pennsylvania and in the family dynamic that must continue to exist albeit on a different level and perspective than before.

Source:, “Child Custody Expert Marlene Bizub: 7 Tips for Divorcing Parents“, July 21, 2017

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