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Celebrity’s stepmom facing drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania

People can be charged with DUI in Pennsylvania even if they spend a minute behind the wheel of a vehicle when they’re inebriated. Although the stepmother of former child actress and socialite Lindsay Lohan took the bus on Christmas Day, she is facing DUI charges. Kate Major Lohan, age 36, was charged with drunk driving after she allegedly yanked the bus driver out of her seat, getting into the driver’s seat herself. The supposed incident happened in Hellertown.

Police say Major Lohan apparently became irate when she said she missed her stop. Court records indicate that she allegedly attacked the bus driver to get behind the wheel. Witnesses say she started pushing buttons on the bus console to try to drive the vehicle herself. A passenger on the bus apparently removed the accused from the driver’s seat.

Major Lohan was arraigned on two counts of drunk driving. She is also facing charges of disorderly conduct, harassment and public drunkenness. She was released from custody after posting bond.

A drunk driving conviction in Pennsylvania not only carries with it potentially harsh punishment, but also the added social stigma that often goes along with a conviction. Those so charged may wish to weigh their options with an experienced criminal defense attorney before entering a guilty plea. A lawyer can determine if the prosecution’s case has any weaknesses in it that are open to being challenged and can advise a client on how to proceed from that point. An attorney can fight to help to limit or to eliminate the potential harm of a drunk driving conviction.

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Louis Emmi

Louis Emmi