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Criminal defense: Pennsylvania man facing homicide charges

Those convicted on a murder charge will likely face serious consequences, including years, if not a lifetime, behind bars or worse still — could face the death penalty. An aggressive criminal defense is crucial when battling a serious charge like murder such as 52-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing. It is vital that he has an experienced legal team to review the evidence presented against him to come up with

Masked robbery suspect will need strong criminal defense team

Police are on the hunt for a scarier than usual robbery suspect who allegedly prowled a trendy part of Pittsburgh. Once apprehended, the suspect will need to mount an aggressive criminal defense for these terrifying robberies in Pennsylvania in which he supposedly dons a mask identical to the one that appeared in the slasher movie, “Scream.” The person, who is said to frequent the Shadyside

Does a DUI affect a teen or minor?

As a parent, the last thing you want to do is to receive a call from the police stating that your child has been arrested for drunk driving. Your teen isn’t old enough to drink legally, and you’ve had discussions about the seriousness of driving under the influence. The reality is that teens make mistakes, but those mistakes can threaten their futures. Getting an underage

DUI conviction and employment background screening

A DUI conviction can alter your life in many ways, such as making it more difficult to secure a job in the future. Since most employers in today’s world conduct background checks, there’s a very good chance they’ll see the DUI on your record. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the job, it can definitely work against you. This is particularly true if

When a pub crawl turns into a pub brawl

You and your buddies love a good pub crawl. It’s a tradition. Ever since college, you and your boys get together a couple times a year for a night of earnest drinking. You always get wasted, and you always end up with hilarious stories to last you until the next time. But last weekend, things didn’t go quite according to plan. A few whiskies in,

Defendants and criminal defense attorneys will welcome reforms

The attorney recently elected district attorney of Philadelphia County is keeping the promises he made during the campaign. Larry Krasner, a Pennsylvania criminal defense and civil rights attorney, promised reform of the system and a battle against mass incarceration. He started his tenure by firing 31 attorneys in the District Attorney’s office shortly after taking over. He followed by directing his assistants not to accept

Criminal defense unlikely for Eagles fans witnessed on videos

Pennsylvania cities with professional sports are hungry for victory and recognition. Philadelphia football is probably the neediest of them all. Consequently, the recent Eagles’ Super Bowl victory marked the end of a very long draught and gave the people there an outlet for pent-up emotions. Unfortunately, it appears that some took the celebrating too far, resulting in arrests and the need for criminal defense counsel

Criminal defense for mom accused of giving son firearms

Pennsylvania is as afflicted with the specter of high-school age shooters as every other state. As such events get publicized, the authorities may be learning to make quick arrests rather than risk the consequences of not acting. Occasionally, a parent or other alleged adult accomplice needs a good criminal defense counsel along with the child. The adult is likely to be charged with criminal neglect