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February 2019 Archives

Does the 'Clean Slate' law benefit drunk driving convictions?

The Pennsylvania legislature recognized that people who make mistakes that result in a misdemeanor conviction should not have to carry that error in judgment around for the rest of their lives. As a result, it passed the so-called "Clean Slate" law, which allows individuals with certain convictions to limit access to them when certain individuals or entities -- such as potential employers, landlords or others -- run criminal background checks. People with drunk driving convictions here in the state may be able to make use of this law if they meet the qualifications and go through the process.

Alleged drunk driving results in homicide by vehicle charge

A 26-year-old man is facing a serious homicide by vehicle charge. The accused was allegedly drunk driving when the vehicle he was operating crashed into another, killing the 27-year-old male driver. The Pennsylvania man died in hospital two days after the incident. An unconscious passenger in that vehicle was taken to hospital for treatment. The accused will need to mount an aggressive fight using the guidance and advice of an experienced legal team.

Man facing more than 20 charges including drunk driving

A traffic stop culminated in a 23-year-old man being charged with DUI and more than 20 summary traffic offences. The Pennsylvania resident will need experienced legal counsel to help him to aggressively fight the charges, particularly since he has been accused of alleged drunk driving which bears with it serious consequences. State police ended up in a several-mile vehicle chase with the accused. Three other men in the vehicle are facing felony theft charges.

Pennsylvania enacts felony law for repeat drunk driving cases

Repeat DUI drivers will now be facing harsher penalties. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed a bill into law that those convicted of drunk driving three or four times, depending on their blood alcohol levels, will be facing felonies. Up until now, Pennsylvania did not have a felony law connected to DUI, so those facing these serious charges would do well to have an experienced legal team helping them to fight them.

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