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September 2018 Archives

DUI defense: Know your right to an attorney

Drunk drivers know that they're not as in control of their vehicles as they would be while sober, but people still make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. It's a tragic offense to make since that simple error could result in a crash, injuries and fatalities.

Charged with drunk driving despite not having a drink?

You were out, going about your day or night as usual, and then it happened. While driving along a Pennsylvania road you saw lights flashing behind you and were being pulled over -- but for what? After the officer approached your window and began asking you questions it became quite clear, you were suspected of drunk driving. Knowing you had not had anything to drink that day, you were certain the investigation would turn up nothing, but instead you ended up being arrested due to a high Breathalyzer test readout -- how could this be?

What penalties will you face after DUI arrest?

Seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror after a night out with friends may be your worst nightmare. Even worse is when they arrest you for driving under the influence. Now that you have been arrested, what penalties will you face? This post will look at the different penalties for a first, second and third DUI.

Fighting drunk driving charges may be in your best interest

When charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Pennsylvania, especially if it is for the first time, it can be tempting to just accept whatever punishment the court is ready to hand down. You may feel you cannot fight the charges anyway, so what is the point? The truth is, fighting drunk driving charges -- especially if this is your first offense -- may be in your best interest.

Pittsburgh man in custody for drunk driving and fleeing police

Police in Pittsburgh recently arrested a local man who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. It apparently took some effort getting this man into custody as he allegedly fled from the officers who pulled him over. This individual has since been charged with drunk driving, eluding and fleeing, possession and a number of other traffic-related violations.

Can those suspected of drunk driving refuse breath tests?

Pennsylvania residents who are pulled over by police for suspected impairment may have some questions about what their rights are in such a moment. For example, they may wonder if they must comply if asked to provide a breath sample for analysis. The truth is those suspected of drunk driving do have the right to say no to Breathalyzer tests.

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