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Alleged drunk driving results in homicide by vehicle charge

A 26-year-old man is facing a serious homicide by vehicle charge. The accused was allegedly drunk driving when the vehicle he was operating crashed into another, killing the 27-year-old male driver. The Pennsylvania man died in hospital two days after the incident. An unconscious passenger in that vehicle was taken to hospital for treatment. The accused will need to mount an aggressive fight using the guidance and advice of an experienced legal team.

The vehicle of the accused was found overturned on its passenger side in a wooded area. Police at the early morning scene allege that the accused smelled of alcohol and refused to take a roadside Breathalyzer test. Blood was drawn from the accused after police obtained a court order.

The accused was charged with aggravated assault by vehicle initially along with other DUI-related offenses. The charge was changed to homicide by vehicle after the driver of the other vehicle died. The deceased was a graduate of Penn State University and employed as an account executive.

One of the most serious charges stemming from alleged drunk driving in Pennsylvania is that of vehicular homicide. A conviction has the ability to be life-altering and to ruin career possibilities, relationships and social standing. An experienced defense attorney will help an accused client to fight the charge aggressively by examining all evidence and police tactics during an arrest. A lawyer will do all he or she can within the law to either have the charges dropped or to minimize the consequences of a conviction.

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